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Хоёр хүүхдийн эх Грейс их сүсэг бишрэлтэй нэгэн. Тэрээр дайны үеэр хүүхдүүдээ аюулгүй байлгахын тулд Английн эрэг дагуу нүүн очно. Алга болсон нөхрөөсөө сураг хүлээн суухынхаа хажуугаар бүсгүй ховор төрлийн гэрэлд мэдрэмтгий өвчинтэй хүүхдүүдээ нарнаас хамгаална. Охин Анна нь байшиндаа сүнс харж байна гэж хэлэхэд Грейс эхлээд шинэ үйлчлэгч нь тэд нараар тоголж байна гэж бодох ч удалгүй чихүүдэс хүргэм явдал, хиртхийм зүйлсийг харж эхлэнэ.


On the secluded Isle of Jersey in the final days of World War II, a young woman waits in vain for her beloved husband to return from the front. Grace has been raising her two young children alone in her beautiful, cavernous Victorian mansion, the one place she believes them to be safe. But they are not safe. Not anymore. When a new trio of servants arrives to replace the crew that inexplicably disappeared, startling events begin to unfold. Grace’s daughter reveals she has been communicating with unexplained apparitions that come and go in every room of the house. At first, Grace refuses to believe in her children’s scary sightings, but soon, she too begins to sense that intruders are at large. Who are these numinous trespassers? And what do they want from Grace’s family? In order to discover the truth, Grace must abandon all of her fears and beliefs and enter the otherworldly heart of the supernatural.


  • The show belongs to Kidman, and snugly tailored as it is, she’s surpassingly fine.

Oct 29, 2018 | Full Review…

Dennis Harvey


 Top Critic

  • Shrewdly cast, Kidman is pitch perfect. It’s a clammy, ingenious film, one of the best studio movies of the year.

Oct 29, 2018 | Full Review…

Tom Charity

Time Out

 Top Critic

  • It is well constructed, as opposed to incompetently deconstructed.

Oct 29, 2018 | Full Review…

Peter Bradshaw


 Top Critic

  • A welcome change of pace from most contemporary scary stories, where the shocks come with all the subtlety of flashers jumping out of park bushes.

Mar 22, 2002 | Rating: 2.5/4

Liam Lacey

Globe and Mail

 Top Critic


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